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Design & Installation
Service & Maintanence

We offer a complete solution to all electrical building services requirements.

Our Technical services include:
  • Full design, installation and after-sales package
  • Cost effective, energy efficient system designs
  • Structured approach to Health and Safety, meeting all CDM requirements
  • Providing leading brands of electrical equipment
  • Systems comply with current legislation and environmental standards
  • Nationwide installation and maintenance service
  • SBEM calculations
Our Installation services include:
  • HV & LV distribution
  • Lighting & emergency lighting
  • Small power
  • Fire alarms
  • Security Systems
  • Voice/data Systems

Behind every Works Electrical solution is a team of engineers who take the time and possess the technical acumen to design precisely the optimum systems to meet user requirements. Our consultancy process is where we differ from many firms as we adopt an in-depth approach to finding out exactly what every single client and their business needs, drawing on our engineering and architectural expertise to ensure that the final system fulfills itself and delivers a good return on investment. We design Electrical systems for the long haul.

We work with architects and business owners or facility managers at any stage of their planning. From a new-build, to refurbishment or upgrading an existing system to accommodate new production processes or deliver enhanced comfort in terms of illumination for staff and clients. Environmental concerns are also becoming more and more prevalent as clients seek out service solutions which are less detrimental to the environment.

If you would like to know more about working with Works Electrical to create an Electrical system that can do far more than just keep you comfortable, please call our team today to arrange a no-obligation initial discussion.

Based on the findings of the Consultancy phase, Works Electrical designs a system to address all client requirements and provide a blueprint for the project. Naturally, we know that during any kind of construction project the siting of key elements may change and we are happy to work with architects to make sure your services solution is tailored to the exact details of your building. Works Electrical pays the ultimate attention to detail in the design phase to avoid the need for any remedial work or costly delays once the systems arrive on site for installation.

Works Electrical's installation process is where our industry knowledge comes to the fore. Our skilled engineering team has more than a decade of experience in working with the highest quality products to ensure that the installation processes causes the minimum disruption to business and we work seamlessly alongside other contractors to provide and unrivalled quality of installation. Our installation process covers all Health & Safety requirements, making us a safe contractor to work on you or your client's premises.

Works Electrical oversees your project from conception to completion. You will have a sole point of contact to provide a consistently high level of service throughout who knows every single element of your project and why it matters to you.

If you would like to see any of our designs or speak to our existing customers about their experiences of working with Works Electrical, please let us know. We are always happy to share our ideas and industry knowledge - that's one of the things that makes us unique.

Works Electrical in conjunction with Heatworks devise service and maintenance packages to reflect each individual client's operating environment. From regular scheduled maintenance, through to ad hoc troubleshooting or a complete 24x7x365 'flight to site' contract, we can provide a level of cover to give you total peace of mind. Remote monitoring is also available for clients who wish to completely outsource their climate control.

Even if your existing air services infrastructure was designed or installed by another provider, Works Electrical would still be pleased to talk to you about how we can help you make the most of it, maintain it effectively, or upgrade it to meet new environmental or health and safety requirements.

As with many things in life, prevention is better than cure so call us today to find out about how partnering with Works Electrical/Heatworks can keep your systems running smoothly year in, year out.

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